Women's ready-to-wear collection

LEILIN collections are the reflection of our experience, refinement quality, innovation, loyalty and close cooperation with our customers. The advantage of them is not the only unique in the design, but also the high quality materials and impeccably ethical production atmosphere. Very often our design includes the pleated details.

In creation of our own brand, our mission is - in according to the customers' needs, to develop, manufacture and sell the highest quality products with minimal impact on the environment and the rational use of natural resources. Thus, to customers are offered from the organic or recycled cotton, linen, wool, bamboo and viscose in the high quality produced cloths. LEILIN goal is to offer to our customers the range of the extraordinary quality and healthy products.

LEILIN collections represent refined quality using only the best materials and ethically produced garments. Each item of clothing is based on innovative, attractive designs with exquisite pleated detailing and stem from a close working relationship with all our customers and by professionally servicing the needs of a loyal client

Men's underwear collection.

Our ecological, nature-friendly ethos is also sustained in our men's underwear collection. Only exceptional, natural, healthy and smooth fabrics and yarns are used in their production. The collection range covers pants, shorts, underpants, boxers, polo-shirts and t-shirts.


Pleating machine are widely used by fashion clothing manufacturers, textile manufacturers, Evening gown and Wedding dresses manufacturers, fabric pleating factories.....

Pleating machine for the production of any kind of fiat parallel pleats in the width from 2 to 40 mm. Equipped with an electronic control panel P 33 composed by a lower part containing the power components, a front panel with switch on and off push button control and setting, a central unit part composed by a micro-computer with an alpha-numerical keyboard and a video screenplay of 6 inches. This equipment enable the realization of any kind of fiat pleats by rolls of continuous fabric or by single skirts already catted. The smooth space between on pleat and the other one is automatically controlled too and can be scheduled from a minimum of 2 mm. to an unlimited maximum.




























Company’s major customers are European markets such as Britain, France and Scandinavia. Recently we are active participants in the worldwide leading exhibitions with the wiling to wider our customers’ geography.

LEILIN is always open to the new business cooperation forms:

We are looking for the business company for the partnership in the development of the new lines of eco-clothes, dedicated to the people with the sensitive skin, inclinable to the different kinds of the allergic reactions, dryness and for the people with enlarged perspiration. The goal is to create ecological underclothes and/or clothes for active people lines.

We are seeking for the new customers for our sewing and/or pleating service. You are the world wide known company or a start up in the fashion business, don’t hesitate to apply for the sewing service. We are highly attitude to our customers and efficient in the implementation of Your orders.

Agent, ‘which are ready to propose our collections or our service to the future clients, are seeking too.

Designers, with the innovative and ecological wear design ideas, for our collections, are invited to contact us.