Production is the last step in which many critical decisions come together.  From construction of the garment to labels, tags, and other packaging details.    These details may be dictated by the buyer’s organization, or your own packaging standards.  Aligning additional services such as dye sublimation, embroidery, and other necessary works, ensuring these all align and stay on schedule is vital to the process.  

Note:  It is important to ask your manufacturer important questions before committing:

What equipment do they have in house?

What part of the process must be outsourced?

How much time will be added due to outsource shipping and production?

Every project is different, so different collections may need different equipment, techniques, and other details that must be considered. At Leilin Pattern & Sample Services, we support small run production and piece work in house. For larger production, we can help manage your project so you can concentrate on the business side of the process. Our goal is to be a support center and help guide you along the way.

Questions to ask manufacturers ~

Do you return all unused materials at the end of production?  How long does it take to return materials?

Who is responsible if my products are lost, damaged, or stolen from your facility once my materials have arrived onsite and until they have been shipped to location of my chosing?