Fashion Consulting

Collection Consulting

Our consulting services range from an initial consult to constant support services throughout the production process to guide you and provide information based on our experience that will help you make decisions for your brand.  We offer hourly rates as well as package rates for more intensive services at your request.  We understand the hundreds of questions during the collection development process as well as production and our consulting services will be the support to address those questions.

​”How many designs should be in my collection?”

“How many samples should I produce and which ones?”

“Does this design align with my brand?”

“How many sizes and colorways should I offer?”

“How do I choose fabric types and how much should I pay per yard?”

Can you answer these questions about your brand? What else are you unsure of? These are just a few questions that are vital to the process and the answers may change depending on the collection being developed. Leilin Pattern & Sample Services can help you find the answers and continue to guide your collection throughout the production process.

​Fashion Business Consulting

​In addition to the hundreds of questions illustrated above regarding collection development, there are just as many crossover business questions that must be addressed at each step to ensure that the designs being produced make good business sense.

We offer a range of consulting services and these include business plan development and support.  We will always encourage our clients to have a complete business plan and to make necessary adjustments as your businesses continue to grow.  This is essential to any business and the fashion industry is no exception.   We have provided this service to several genres in fashion and we look forward to helping you fully define your company and find the path to success.

Project Management

We are happy to be a one stop shop that can help reduce the headache of managing various vendors, multiple designs, and keeping all of the details aligned within your budget and schedule.   We are different than the majority of service providers in the market today and we are happy to step out of the box and get back to providing excellent service.  We do not rush you through the process and we educate you every step of the way.  We would rather our clients are happy with their final products than make a quick sale.  We want to earn your business season after season, year over year.