LEILIN is a UAB “LOTOS & KO” product and family-run company producing women’s clothing. Originally, every garment was made using traditional hand-made sewing techniques and the company became specialists in using pleating as a fashionable styling and decorative innovation in their clothing designs. The company satisfies high standards of production and still proudly maintains family oriented ethics and traditional customer focused values.

LEILIN specializes in producing a wide range of women’s clothing focusing on casual wear, evening and cocktail dresses, modern classical and corporate lifestyle clothing for women, and covers a wide range of dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers and jackets.

Production / Capacity
The plant is equipped with modern sewing machines and computer programmed pleating machines.
100,000 garments produced per year.
Average production cycle: 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of the materials

Comprehensive Professional Services:

  • 100 % quality control
  • Garment design 
  • Pattern creation and adjustment 
  • Pleating, traditional sewing and embroidery 
  • Production planning and logistics

OUR VISION: to become a recognized worldwide company.

OUR MISSION: to adorn women around the world with clothes made entirely from natural fabrics produced by LEILIN.

Women’s ready-to-wear collection
LEILIN collections represent refined quality using only the best materials and ethically produced garments. Each item of clothing is based on innovative, attractive designs with exquisite pleated detailing and stem from a close working relationship with all our customers and by professionally servicing the needs of a loyal client.

LEILIN collections can be viewed on our website http://www.leilin.co.uk/.

Ethical Production Values
In the creation of our own brand, our mission is – in accordance with our customers requirements, to develop, manufacture and sell the highest quality products with minimal impact on the environment and ensure the rational use of natural resources. Customers can choose from organic or recycled cotton, linen, wool, bamboo and viscose all in the highest quality produced cloth. LEILIN’s goal is to continue to offer our customers a range of extraordinary quality and environmentally healthy products.

LEILIN has clients across key European markets including Britain, France, Italy and Japan. The company has participated in numerous international fashion and textile exhibitions with the purpose of widening the geographic base of our customers.

The civilization, offering an easy and comfortable life, requires for it to pay with the most precious to us: health, peace, spiritual and physical fulfillment. We let come in to our houses the countless chemical helpers, we wear nice, but synthetic clothes, eat tasty but unnatural food and sick, sick. Increasingly strong desire of sensations for more intense flavor, more vibrant colors increasingly disconnects us from the primordial relationship with nature and with ourselves.
This understanding has forced us to look at our garments more natural. We realized that we have to start doing changes and the impact right now, this minute. Thus started to look wider and feel responsible for our future.

LEILIN is always keen to explore new business partnerships:

  • We are looking for business partners for the development of new lines of eco-clothes, designed specifically for people with sensitive skin, ( e.g. allergic reactions, dryness and excessive perspiration). The goal is to create ecological underclothes and clothing for outdoor/ active professions. 
  • We are seeking new customers for our sewing and pleating service from established brands and businesses as well as new designers. We are highly responsive to all our customers inquiries and dedicated to an efficient implementation of your orders.
  • The company is also looking to take on new agents who can represent our collections or our services to future clients. 
  • Designers with creative, innovative ecological clothes’ design ideas for our collections are also invited to contact us.