Pleated garment in your wardrobe in 2017 is a must

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December 7, 2016
Spring /summer 2017 trends
February 2, 2017

Everyone should have the garment with pleated fragment in their wardrobe in 2017 as pleated clothes are coming back to fashion.

It doesn’t get more ladylike or on-trend this season than the pleated skirt. This piece can make you look like the chicest Parisienne on the planet.

There are four kinds of pleats: flat pleats, projecting pleats, accordion pleats and wrinkled pleating. Each of these is briefly described below:

Flat pleats

These are parallel folds lifted from the surface of the fabric and laid down to the side. They include knife pleats, box pleats and set in pleats, all are secured with stitch at the top and released below.

Projecting pleats

These are folds lifted from the surface of the fabric and arranged so that they stand out from the fabric itself. They include pinch pleats, organ pleats and cartridge pleats.

Accordion pleats

These are made by folding fabric alternately in and out creating projecting pleats. This is the kind or pleating used for smocking and can be performed by hand, or mechanically on a smocking pleater.

Wrinkled pleating

This consists of irregular ridges made by securing damp, bunched fabric and leaving it to dry. It includes broomstick pleating where the fabric is rolled around a cylinder, when unwrapped, the folds all lie in one direction. Contortion pleating is where the fabric is twisted into a rope, coiled and knotted. When dry the folds lie in all directions.

Clothes with pleated fragments will make you more fashionable as well as more elegant.

Strands of stealth should be worn with something neat and uncluttered up top – a shirt or simple T-shirt; while sparkly or sheer variations should have the luxe and polish factor amped up with a structured, gently oversized blazer, or an enveloping jumper. Be careful to keep the silhouette clean and not overload yourself with angles and layers, and of course be sure to leave fashion’s current penchant for backpacks right at home.

You’ll look forward to wearing it.