Clothes manufacturing sourcing in UK vs China

Pleated garment in your wardrobe in 2017 is a must
February 1, 2017
Opening an apparel store is serious business. The main thing is to find suitable clothes manufacturing company, who could meet your expectations and the budget.

Our advice would be:

Be-careful how you choose clothes manufacturing company as this single decision can greatly influences the success or failure of your project.

If the primary motivation is cost saving in our opinion this should not be the first measure. We see many companies create their own difficulties by focusing on price and assuming that fundamental quality is a component of what they are buying. Our approach is lead by sourcing the correct quality and then focusing on the real cost, this can be the only method of determining if a product independent of clothes manufacturing area offers value.

Obviously manufacturing in UK makes it so much simpler:

  • Faster delivery times (Shipping by sea takes at least 30 days.  UK  makes the shipping lead time a lot faster)
  • Better communication (6-8 hours difference between China and UK)
  • Better business etiquette
  • Possible smaller apparel order quantities (China sometimes wins only if you order huge quantities)
  • Less taxes, duties in money and in time doing all the procedures
  • Faster deadlines
  • Much better apparel quality
  • Less problems with transport. 

Another important point is cheap work force in China. Chinese workers in clothes manufacturing industry are getting low wages also they are forced to work long hours to meet production quotas in harsh conditions. All of these factors influence the clothes manufacturing quality.

However in UK situation is totally different. Clothes manufacturing companies are paying adequate wages for employees so they are more motivated and more productive. The garment made in UK with love, good and positive energy.

Clothes manufacturing in UK guarantee successful business as everyone is looking for high quality garments.